CRT replacements for NS Advantage???

From: Mike <>
Date: Thu Sep 9 17:12:06 1999

Thanks Tondy. I was hoping to hear from you on this matter. I'll see if I
can find a suitable replacement
- Mike:

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Date: Friday, September 10, 1999 5:50 PM
Subject: Re: CRT replacements for NS Advantage???

>> Help!
>> I just had a Northstar Advantage shipped to me and because of the shoddy
>> packaging job, the CRT is history. The back of the tube is broken. I'm
>> and I'm pissed. I hate seeing equipment so mishandled.
>> Are there any compatible organ doners out there or suggestions for a
>> possible revival?
>There is no way you'll repair the original CRT if the glass is broken (or
>even cracked).
>Fortunately, there appear to be only 2 common flavours of monochrome CRT
>used in terminals/monitors. One type has a 8 pin B8H base (like an
>International Octal with thin pins and a large spigot), a thick neck, and
>a 6.3V heater. The other has a 'modified B7G base' (like a 7 pin
>miniature tube/valve, but with a hole in the middle of the socket to take
>the seal-off tube of the CRT), a thin neck and a 11-12V heater. Most such
>CRTs (of both flavours) have a 90 degree deflection angle.
>If you can get a suitable tube of the same class (perhaps raid it from an
>old terminal, like a VT3xx that's blown its flyback, or raid it from a
>cheap portable B/W TV), it's likely to work. You may have to fiddle the
>electrode voltages slightly, but in my experience, putting the CRT in,
>fitting the original yoke (these are _not_ generic), and pluging in the
>base and EHT cap will produce a useable image.
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