Apple II gs problem

From: Tom Owad <>
Date: Fri Sep 10 18:14:50 1999

> I just picked up a nice Apple II gs system but I can't make it work. It
>keeps saying "check starttup device". I've tried several disk drives and
>five different disks that should be bootable. Can anyone tell me more about
>what it's looking for or what I might be doing wrong? I've never used one
>of these so I'm not familar with it.

Is the system attempting to read the disk? If not, you probably need to
make some changes in the control panel. Access it by pressing
Option-Control-Reset immediately after turning on the system. IIRC, the
changes you want to make will be in the "Slots" menu, and involve which
slots are used for boot-up.

Tom Owad

Apple prototypes, Apple II & early Mac clones, and the Compubrick.
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