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From: John Rollins <>
Date: Fri Sep 10 19:17:56 1999

> .___.___
> /.......\
> |.3...4.| 1. +5V
> |...5...| 2. Shield
> |.2...1.| 3. +12V
> \_______/ 4. GND
> ......... 5. -5V
I think I found my problem! No, I just don't think... I'm absolutely sure
of it!
OK, pin 1 was OK. +5v. AAAGGHHH! Pin 5 is -12v!!!!! Pin 3 reads +12v.
Ouch... So, is my A500 pretty much fried now? Guess I'll now as soon as I
get the PS fixed(if it can be... any ideas as to what might be wrong? any
common failures in A500 PS's?).
BTW, in response to earlier posts about loose chips, I finally found my
Torx set(needed a T10, and I have TONS of T15's sitting around for my Macs)
and everything inside looked okay. No loose chips, didn't notice anything
blown up, no loose screws inside... Although the tabs on the shield for the
motherboard were kinda annoying. Not to mention all the Torx screws. I'm
glad there weren't any deeply recessed torx screws in that thing! It would
have been a disaster.

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