Apple II gs problem

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Date: Fri Sep 10 18:49:48 1999

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> > I just picked up a nice Apple II gs system but I can't make it work. It
> >keeps saying "check starttup device". I've tried several disk drives and
> >five different disks that should be bootable. Can anyone tell me more
> >what it's looking for or what I might be doing wrong? I've never used one
> >of these so I'm not familar with it.
> Is the system attempting to read the disk? If not, you probably need to
> make some changes in the control panel. Access it by pressing
> Option-Control-Reset immediately after turning on the system. IIRC, the
> changes you want to make will be in the "Slots" menu, and involve which
> slots are used for boot-up.
> Tom Owad
you can access the control panel at any time. if you are using a disk ][
controller card, you have to set slot 6 for 'your card' i believe. otherwise,
you will have to change it for the onboard controller in case you are using
that to run your disk drives.

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