How'd Apple get away with it?????

From: Zane H. Healy <>
Date: Fri Sep 10 21:01:14 1999

>Whilst browsing the Apple store site, I found they are planning on
>introducing Mac OS9 very soon.
>Last I heard, they couldn't use that nomenclature due to MicroWare's
>trademark on OS-9.
>Was there some deal that I didn't hear about, or are the folks at Apple
>just being turds???

They didn't get away with it, MicroWare is sueing them. However, as the
product they're selling is _Mac OS 9_ and not _OS 9_ Apple is expected to
win. Of course as someone on a Apple newsgroup pointed out, it might be
cheaper for Apple to simply buy MicroWare, rather than fight a court battle.

What I thought interesting was something I just read earlier today, is that
apparently MicroWare has a version of OS-9 that runs on the PowerMac.

Seriously, IMHO, Apple is justified in this, after all this is Version 9 of
the Mac Operating System.


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