HP2114 on ebay

From: Dave McGuire <mcguire_at_neurotica.com>
Date: Fri Sep 10 21:09:23 1999

  Wow...that is a *lot* of hardware. A lot of very fun-looking hardware.

  I assume the machine is core-based? When were these systems sold?

            -Dave McGuire

On Fri, 10 Sep 1999, Jay West wrote:
>In case no one who would be interested noticed it, there's a pretty nice
>looking HP2114 system for sale on ebay.
>The 2114 is the first computer HP ever sold. It was an "acquired" design
>from a company they purchased, and HP thought they could do a better design
>so they came out with the 2100 series (followed by 21MX and 21MXE series).
>But, not before adding the 2115 and 2116 to the mix which are "kissing
>cousins" of the 2114.
>The one on ebay looks to be in great condition, and includes software,
>manuals, a bunch of I/O cards, an ASR33, a 2748A paper tape reader, Junk
>ASR33 for parts, and junk 2748B for parts. They want $450.00 for it (pretty
>high I think, but maybe not that much considering it's advertised as working
>and includes spares). No bidders last time I checked.
>I'm spending every ounce of spare cash I have getting my current HP systems
>running, so I can't buy the thing at the moment. But - I wanted to point it
>out for anyone interested in starting an early HP collection. It'd be a
>great start.
>Jay West
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