Geek House Clean Up

From: Bill Pechter <>
Date: Fri Sep 10 21:14:34 1999

> > How about a Sun IPX, or Vax 11/780 maintenance sets..

Well, it's clean-up time in Geek Gulch.

Since I'm spending all my fun time with more recent hardware and
software lately I've been given the word.

"If I'm going to get new toys I've got to rid myself of the excess."

I'm looking to part with a Sun (either an IPX or RaRe Opus Sparcstation
clone. Anyone here interested, before it goes Ebay...)

I have the 19 inch monitor with the Opus (and it's keyboard, mouse and
64mb memory and 1 420mb and 200 mb internal disk.

The IPX has 64mb of new memory -- just purchased it before the clean up
request. (It has no internal disk -- I do have an external 1.3gb Seagate
and Sun single speed cd with it in an external 1 1/2 full ht case.)

I'll be unavailable for about a week -- but if you're interested.

Also getting cleaned up --

11/23 Qbus parts and chassis (long list to follow)
DEC 11/780 DW780 Unibus Adapter backplane (spare)

   IPX w/64mb, built in CG6, keyboard, mouse (no disk)
   (Runs SunOS, Solaris2, OpenBSD, NetBSD, RedHat Linux)
   It has no internal disk -- external 1.3gb Seagate and Sun single
   speed cd with it in an external 1 1/2 full ht case.)

   Opus Systems SparcStation2 clone with CG3, 64mb memory, 19" monitor
   keyboard, 420mb and 200mb internal disks. (Runs SunOS, Solaris2,
   OpenBSD, NetBSD, RedHat Linux)

   Hitachi External Single Speed CD (works with Suns above)
CP/M boxes
   DEC VT180 with 2 floppy drives, software
   Gemini (Telcon) Zorbas - 1 working, 1 not (with spare parts and prints)
   DEC Rainbow with tower stand
   DEC VT320
   DEC VT100

IBM Compatible Dos boxes:
    1 XT turbo 8mhz clone With EGA monitor
    1 Panasonic Sr. Partner
    1 Prometheus Promodem (1200)
    1 Acoustic Coupler,
    1 Telebit T2500 (works)
    1 Telebit 1500 (works)

    1 MacPlus with 4mb and ST251N SCSI drive

   Okidata Microline 192 printer,

      Three things never anger: First, the one who runs your DEC,
      The one who does Field Service and the one who signs your check.
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