HELP! Osbourne drives

From: m <>
Date: Mon Sep 13 19:44:22 1999

 In the FOG library, there was a disk that explained how to convert to dsdd
There was a piece of hardware that was required. You would have to read the
doc's on the disk.

Joe wrote:

> I played with the Osbourne Executive yesterday. I can't get it to boot.
> All it says is "boot error". It says the same thing with no disks in it,
> MS DOS disks in it and with the door open so the message doesn't tell me
> anything. I tried swapping drives, reseating ICs and cables and everything
> that I could think of. It booted once and I did DIR on both drives with no
> problems, it almost booted several times but filled the screeen with
> garbage and locked up. I tried disks from three different sets including a
> set of new copies from Don Maslin so I'm sure the the disks aren't the
> problem. Any ideas? Does anyone know if DS drives can be used in these?
> The drives in it are ALPS SS DD. I took the drives out and checked them,
> the heads and drives are clean and the speed is right. I don't think there
> is anything wrong with them.
> Several people have posted messages here in the past about problems with
> Osbournes that wouldn't boot. Did you ever get them working? What have you
> found wrong with them?
> Joe
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