Why is the Coleco Adam so popular?

From: Lance Lyon <black_at_gco.apana.org.au>
Date: Tue Sep 14 12:35:37 1999

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> It was the Adam! Seriously, though, I think it was particularly accessable
> to people because it grew out of Coleco's popular (and just damn good)
> video game system. It wasn't nearly as forbidding as a "real" computer
> system. I myself had a Colecovision from the early 80's that I recently
> hawked on eBay. Can you blame me? I got a hundred bucks for it with a few
> games and the Atari module.

Bizarre! You can pick 'em up here (in Oz) for a couple of bucks from
recyclers, junk shops etc...... another reason I never buy on eBay.....
still, good luck to you if you found someone willing to pay that price.

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