Homeworkers Needed!

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Date: Tue Sep 14 16:54:58 1999

I forwarded this to abuse, postmaster etc at their ISP. Received back:-


You are receiving this message in follow-up to a report received by
the MindSpring AUP Abuse Department. You may have submitted this
report to a number of addresses including but not limited to
abuse_at_netcom.com, abuse_at_mindspring.com, or abuse_at_sprynet.com.

Our ticketing system would seem to indicate your report regards an
issue for which we have already received a number of similar
reports. Unfortunately, due in part to high volumes of reports
that a single incident can generate, we are unable to respond
personally to all reports.

If this was a complaint about a particular junk e-mail, we appear
to have received as many complaints as was necessary to take
appropriate action and do not require any further reports to
document this incident.

............. clipped

Neil Morrison

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> > MOHW Co
> > 11054 Ventura Blvd PMB #126
> > Studio City, CA 91604
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> If anyone from this list sends anything other
> than a complaint to these people, they should be
> keel hauled. Never, ever, no matter how great it
> sounds, reply favorably to a spammer.
> Dwight
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