Reading TRS-80 discs (was RE: Archiving old discs...)

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Date: Tue Sep 14 16:57:01 1999

>So, bottom line, if I find a floppy card that appears to conform to one of
>the favorable ones on that list from comp.os.cpm, stick it in a PC and use
>something like 22DISK, I should be able to make a physical backup of a TRS-80
>disk? Is there some other piece of software I should use? Unless Teledisk
>will produce an uncompressed image, it won't help me. I can process the disk
>images once I get them onto the hard drive, that's the easy part.

The compression used inside Teledisk is very simplistic run-length-encoding.
I once had a few hundred teledisk images to turn back into "regular"
images, and banged out a quick little program to do the conversion in
half an hour or so. If anyone's really interested, I'll forward a
copy of the source.

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