VW (was Re: Why is the Coleco Adam so popular?

From: Ethan Dicks <ethan_dicks_at_yahoo.com>
Date: Tue Sep 14 17:14:56 1999

--- Jacob Ritorto <jritorto_at_nut.net> wrote:
> Road Trip in a Microbus? I'm game. I took my '63 to Spokane from
> Pittsburgh a few years ago. Only used two engines.

Ack! My beloved '76 is down; the (first) engine is in the basement undergoing
a complete top-job (new heads, pistons, cylinders) after 2 owners and 125K

> I've been meaning to
> weld a pdp11/23 into the area where the refrigerator is supposed to go,
> but haven't got a round tuit yet. It'd be neat to have a classic computer
> survellence bus.

I saved the A/C plastic enclosure that used to sit behind the heads in the
fronts seats to put a computer up there someday. At the time, I was thinking
about a C-64 due to low power requirements. If you powered the PDP-11 from
some source other than the alternator, you might have a chance; I wouldn't want
to put that kind of a load on the factory electrical system.

What would you use for disk? Now... an 11/23 in a BA-23 w/ 1/2-height MFM,
or better yet, 3.5" SCSI, might be doable. My 11/23's tend to have RL02's
on them; not exactly road worthy.


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