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From: Chuck McManis <>
Date: Wed Sep 15 19:29:53 1999

At 07:54 PM 9/15/99 -0400, Carlos wrote:
>Hi Zane; I don't understand; Jim and Chuck said that the pin-out was
>standard... why do you need a special cable?

I just plugged a DB9 to DB25 cable into it and the back of my FreeBSD box
and ran tip to it. Worked fine.

>> Unfortunatly it doesn't sound as if this system has a TK50 drive, they're
>> kinda hard to miss ;^)
>Yes, there's nothing but the hard drive in the front.

The "empty slot" with no cover is where the RX50 dual floppy goes. You can
find them around as they are pretty common. You'll need one of the black
"skids" for them as well. The funky card in the end of the card cage that
cables the hard drive has cables that go to the floppy as well.

If your cabinet is wide, sits on the floor, and has wheels, its a BA123
"world box" if it is about 6" tall, 19" wide and deep, it is a BA23 rack
mount box. Thanks to DEC's re-use of parts you can swap out the CPU in
these boxes to create a micro-PDP system (11/73 etc).

Power supplies are ok for reliability, but too heavy to ship. Lately a lot
of BA123's seem to be falling out of the sky around here.

>How can you tell one from the other? This has four horizontal front bays
>and one vertical; it is rated at 8.8A, 690W at 120V. The whole thing
>measures about 24" (height) x 13" (width) x 27" (depth)

Actually the part number should have told me it was a BA123 but your
description confirms it.

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