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From: Christian Fandt <>
Date: Wed Sep 15 19:12:45 1999

Upon the date 05:13 PM 9/15/99 -0400, said something like:
>Today I hauled in something that I have no experience whatsoever with,
>but that I'm sure most people in classiccmp own: a microvax II.
>I don't know if it works, or how to hook a terminal to it to
>test it. Here's what I've been able to gather:

Hi Carlos, from how you speak below it sure shows you do have no
experience whatsoever <g>! But we'll help fix that problem!

You've actually got a nice box (provided it still functions) that will be
rather fun to learn VMS or ULTRIX upon (if it still has either of those
OS's running on it). NetBSD is also available.

Your homework for tonite will be to study which contains much about
the MVII's.

Another URL which has MVII bits is: (aka ASUBI).

I've got an MVII that I've been working on upgrading the hard disk to an
RD54. I haven't had time to touch it since last winter as I've had a heap
of other projects more important. But I'm salivating at the thought of
getting her up and running with OpenVMS during the next winter sometime :)

The other DEC friends here have already given you some other important
comments and I'm sure a few more of us will chime in.

Have fun with it!

Incidentally, for you other DEC mavens, I tried reviewing the VAXArchive at but it seems to be either relocated or not
available anymore. I felt it was a good VAX info resource. "Unable to find
the server" is the message thrown back which suggests
it's MIA. Could anyone confirm?

Regards, Chris
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