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Date: Wed Sep 15 19:25:36 1999

On Wed, 15 Sep 1999, Clint Wolff (VAX collector) wrote:

> The pinout is a bit strange:
> DE-9 (DEC) DB-25 (PC)
> 1 1
> 2 3
> 3 2
> 4 5
> 5 6
> 6 20
> 7 7
> 8 -\
> 9 -/ (short 8 & 9) together

Great! now all I have to do is solder.

> The three position rotary switch controls the power up mode
> (arrow is normal, face is language inquiry, i dunno the other one)

Ok, so nothing bad would happen by choosing the wrong one. This
switch really was a big question mark for me.

> The maximum amount of memory you can have in a uVAX II is 16Mb, using
> two 8Mb memory boards. Unless it is a VAXStation II/GPX in which case
> the max is 12MB (or maybe 13MB)... You don't have the extra three cards
> to make it a GPX system.

Apparently, there used to be other cards in here; there are four
small PC's fixed in the inside of the back panel, each holding
four DB25M connectors, but the ribbon cables coming out of them
are not connected to anything...

> 75 or so MB MFM hard drive. Probably dead... They never were very
> good.

hmm, everyone has expressed the same opinion about the drive.
Tony at least said that it was fixable, what he did not say
was whether he was the only one who could possibly fix them :-)

Thanks for all the info!

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