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Date: Wed Sep 15 19:34:14 1999

On Thu, 16 Sep 1999, Tony Duell wrote:

> Yes, an RS232 console port. The trap is that it is not the same pinout as the
> PC/AT DE-9 serial ports. I can't remember the pinout, but it shouldn't be
> that hard to find ground, TxD and RxD

Thanks Tony. Clint has already provided me with the pinout. I'll have
to wait until tomorrow to get the connectors, though.

> > 2 nemonix memory board, holds 56 TC511000AP-10 chips
> IIRC, each of thos chips is 1Mbit. So that would appear to be 7Mbytes
> with no parity or error correction at all (????). Seems a little strange.
> Even though there is 1 Mbyte on the CPU board, so 7Mbytes could be
> possible. Only problem is, surely the memory needs to be 32 bits wide (so
> I would have expected a multiple of 32 or 36 (parity on each byte) here).

You're right, as always Tony! they are in fact 72 chips. I counted 8
groups of 9 chips, and by the time I got to they keyboard with
all that info to type, I mangled the numbers in my mind.

> > 3 dec memory board, holds 144 41256-212141302 chips
> DEC 4Mbyte memory board, I think.

16 groups of nine in this case.

> Much more likely to be MFM than RLL. IIRC that board handles MFM hard
> drives and RX50 floppy drives.

> Yes an MFM hard disk -- Micropolis 1300-something IIRC. Well known for
> developing mechanical problems which may be fixable...

Which if the drives that Dave mentioned is considered reliable?
(repeated below)

  RD50 5mb Seagate ST506
  RD51 10mb Seagate ST412
  RD52 35mb Quantum Q540
  RD53 71mb Micropolis 1325
  RD54 159mb Maxtor XT-2190
  RD31 21mb Seagate ST225
  RD32 42mb Seagate ST251

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