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> > The -1 is no better. Considering they are a stepper they would be slower
> > than the RD52,53,54s that have both more heads and voice coil positioner.


ST251 is 60ms and ST251-1 is 40ms, I would rather take ST251 and cool
it properly like any HDs. If one is found without new defect and in
good order if ever.

But honestly, I don't want ST251 series, I would lie to the machine
with a different RDxx that has specs that matches or excceeds a
subsitute HD specs. Voice coil is best for that responsive status.

I find all HDs keep their cool in negative pressure air and let air
leak in through drive bezel opening with hd bezel taken off.
Looks ugly but works beauiful and that is exactly what done on my 3
3.5" HD in one machine one of 3 contains 7200rpm hd in it. All cool
like room temps.

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