HP 2114 on ebay

From: Marvin <marvin_at_rain.org>
Date: Thu Sep 16 11:55:52 1999

Hans B Pufal wrote:
> Christian Fandt wrote:
> > I couldn't even find it in the closed or "ended auction" area. Did he or
> > somebody completely remove all reference to the auction? Can that be done?
> Hmm, interesting. I keep bookmarks of items I might be interested in and
> managed to access it that way. It's in the database, but not searchable.
> The end date/time of the auction was changed and so it was marked
> closed.
> I haven't sold anything on eBay, can anyone here who does sell tell us
> if the auction end can be changed?

The seller has the option of closing the auction down earlier than the
posted time. I know of no way though for the seller to extend the closing
time. Ebay does extend auctions 24 hours in the case of a hard outage on
their part.
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