Seek and ye shall find - the story of the latest PDP-9 discovery.

From: Marvin <>
Date: Thu Sep 16 13:31:42 1999

Unusual systems wrote:
> Hope you consider this message an encouragement.
> It is directed to those are are new to the hobby or
> those of you who are disappointed because you
> still haven't found that special something even
> though you have spent much time trying to find it.
> Have we dried up sources of old computers? Hardly.
> Can you still hope to find that missing system/
> software/manual/etc.? Indeed.

Great thoughts there Kevin! Similar experiences of mine include the recent
acquisitions of the Pet 2001, Sharp PC-5000, MicroProfessor, and the list
goes on. Someone complaining, at least at this time in history, about
computers not being available is merely an indication they don't know where
to look. This list has given a LOT of ideas about how to get older
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