Seek and ye shall find - the story of the latest PDP-9 discovery.

From: Chuck McManis <>
Date: Thu Sep 16 13:55:38 1999

More like seek and ye shall be innundated. When I got my first PDP-8 I
thought it was the rarest beast on earth. Then I started looking for help
and discovered a community, then as my obsession with the "old iron" became
a talking point amongst my aquaintences I started getting "the calls."
These come at odd times and go something like:

        Me: "Hello, this is Chuck."
        Them: "Are you Chuck McManis?"
        Me: "Yes, and you are?"
        Them: "We've not met but I heard you had an old computer
               museum or something?"
        Me: "Not exactly, I preserve older computers."
        Them: "Oh ... Well, we've got a bunch of XXX sitting in
               a closet and we don't know what to do with them,
               do you want them?"
        Me: "Sure, I can see that they get to good homes ..."
        Them: "Oh great! ..."

It gets really weird after a while, truely it does.
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