From: Jacob Ritorto <>
Date: Thu Sep 16 23:59:46 1999

Ok, I got the firefox to boot to the serial line, but I have no passwords
and it won't let me do the usual security bypassing stuff. When I try the
uafalternate=1 thing, it stops the initialization with a file
specification error and when I try the startup-via-opa0: trick, there are
no commands available (i.e. SPAWN isn't a valid command and
_at_sys$system:startup isn't found). What can I do? If I let it boot
normally to the console, it'll let me try to log in, but guessing the
password is pretty hopeless. The OS version banner tells me it's VMS
T5.4-4G1. Does this mean anything abmormal? Both processors come up,


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