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Date: Fri Sep 17 08:10:49 1999

> and it won't let me do the usual security bypassing stuff. When I try the
> uafalternate=1 thing, it stops the initialization with a file
> specification error and when I try the startup-via-opa0: trick, there are

That means you didn't follow the full porocedure or someone removed the
alternate UAF. Likely the first case.

> no commands available (i.e. SPAWN isn't a valid command and
> _at_sys$system:startup isn't found). What can I do? If I let it boot
> normally to the console, it'll let me try to log in, but guessing the

If the system boots... uaf alternate or not spawn should work.

More than likely you didn't set one r more of teh correct condidtions
correctly before boot or after boot.

The system password if UAFalternate is correctly invoked in two CRs.

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