Kaypro PC-10?

From: Mark Will <markiw_at_prodigy.net>
Date: Sun Sep 19 12:46:35 1999

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From: Wayne Smith <wsmith_at_gj.com>

>Has anyone ever heard of a "Kaypro PC-10"? The Kaypro PC models I am
familiar with are the 16 and 2000. Someone is selling a manual for a PC-10
on eBay:
>My guess is that it is an abortive non-portable PC effort.

Yes, my boss owned a KayPro desktop XT or maybe it was an AT clone back in
1987. I got some of my work done on it that summer. I am not sure, but I
would imagine that that was the PC-10 or whatever back then. The 10
probably meant the size of the HDD.

I remember comparing it to the KayPro 2X I used at home and finding the CP/M
machine to be faster. One of the reasons I didn't upgrade until 1993. (I
upgraded to a $50 Packard Hell XT that I still have :-)

I have looked at Ebay and notice that the KayPro CP/M machines don't seem to
bring in much money. Makes me feel better about giving mine away in 1996.


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