vaxarchive (was: Re: Find of the day)

From: Christian Fandt <>
Date: Sun Sep 19 13:24:54 1999

Upon the date 06:59 PM 9/19/99 +0200, said something like:
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>VAXarchive has indeed been down for a while, but it will be back!
>The IP number of the machine hosting has been changed,
>and there was a problem updating the name servers. It should be fixed
>soon. In the mean time you can use the mirror at
> is the new name of, it had to get
>a new name after the service went away.
>I'm glad you mentioned the site, makes me feel I'm not maintaining it for
>nothing :-)

Thank you very much for maintaining this resource Kees! Most of the time
many of us do get manuals or such tech info with any VAXen we rescue.

BTW, vaxarchive has been accessable by me since last Wednesday or Thursday.
Must be hitting the right times to get on during their efforts to work on
the IP # (unless they're actually completely done with the work now.)

Regards, Chris
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