Kaypro PC-10?

From: Lowell Kinzer <lkinzer_at_sciti.com>
Date: Sun Sep 19 13:32:07 1999

At 09:58 AM 9/19/99 , Wayne Smith wrote:
>Has anyone ever heard of a "Kaypro PC-10"? The Kaypro PC models I am
>familiar with are the 16 and 2000. Someone is selling a manual for a PC-10
>on eBay:
>My guess is that it is an abortive non-portable PC effort.
It was one model in their Kaypro Professional Computer (KPC) line of
computers, which they started in 1986 (if I recall correctly). The original
KPC did not have a hard drive. Later models, the PC-10, PC-20 and PC-30,
had 10MB, 20MB and 30MB hard drives, respectively.

Lowell Kinzer
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