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Date: Sun Sep 19 20:07:20 1999

>I have a QBus board that I would like to identify. Its made
>by Digital Pathways and the model number is TCU-50 Rev A. It
>is a quad size board and there are three small batteries in
>the top right corner of the board. There are no peripheral
>connectors on the card, so I figure its some type of clock
>or possibly a small amount of battery backed up storage (the
>machine it was take from was used for collecting process
>data). Any ideas of what it might be?

It's not a Q-bus board - what you have there is a Unibus clock board.
(There is a Q-bus version, not surprisingly called the TCQ-150.)

I posted Y2K patches to the Digital Pathways supplied RT-11 clock-reading
routines on vmsnet.pdp-11 a few years back, if you want to put this
board to use. Accessing the clock board is very simple; it's four
words from 160770 through 160776. The first word contains the date
(not in RT-11 bit order) as year (7 bits), month (5 bits), and day (5 bits),
the second word has the hour and minute, the third word has the number
of seconds, and the fourth word has the number of clock ticks.

With 100% certainty, you'll need to replace the batteries on the board.

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