Wierd card in the Macintosh...

From: John Rollins <rexstout_at_uswest.net>
Date: Mon Sep 20 22:39:42 1999

>Mac is a Mac LC, the card has no identifying marks other than
>it's from Apple and it's a "Apple IIe Card". It has a real
>funny connector on it. Any ideas?

It's an Apple IIe emulator. The connector is for a 5.25" disk drive. The
software is at
cintosh/ and if you search... AAAAAAAAHHH!!! What happened to the TIL and
everything? Damn, I hate Steve Jobs. He's ruining Apple. I mean, I like the
G4 and B&W G3 and the iMac and iBook and all, but ruining the web site,
killing the Newton and turning Apple into Microsoft is too much for me. Be
glad that the old software is still available. If you have the
resources(big extra hard drives, tape drives, etc...), archive everything.
Because when you need it the most, it WILL be gone.
Damn, I'm getting depressed.
But I'll always have my 8088 DOS machines...

Anyways, I've never really seen the point of the Apple IIe card. Maybe
that's because I have the real thing... I've played around with that card
before and it never really worked for me. Maybe because I didn't have the
drive that goes with it... Kinda useless without it.

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