Wierd card in the Macintosh...

From: Hans Franke <Hans.Franke_at_mch20.sbs.de>
Date: Thu Sep 23 15:55:21 1999

> and if you search... AAAAAAAAHHH!!! What happened to the TIL and
> everything? Damn, I hate Steve Jobs. He's ruining Apple. I mean, I like the
> G4 and B&W G3 and the iMac and iBook and all, but ruining the web site,
> killing the Newton and turning Apple into Microsoft is too much for me. Be
> glad that the old software is still available. If you have the
> resources(big extra hard drives, tape drives, etc...), archive everything.
> Because when you need it the most, it WILL be gone.
> Damn, I'm getting depressed.

> Anyways, I've never really seen the point of the Apple IIe card. Maybe
> that's because I have the real thing... I've played around with that card
> before and it never really worked for me. Maybe because I didn't have the
> drive that goes with it... Kinda useless without it.

Well, did you mention the Newton Killer guy - 'cause he was also
'somewhat' responsible for cutting of the A2 series - and the A2e
Card was just the last step into forcing schools to use Macs
instead of A2s - an LC with the card could still use the old A2
soft, but it's a Mac. And you don't need the drive for all
stations if you had one to copy the Disk onto a networkdrive.
Thats exactly the idea behind - the only problem was, if schools
where forced to switch (No new A2s), they eventualy did just drop
Apple at all and changed for PCs - in fact, the A2e card was already
a reaction to this to maybe keep some within the Apple family, since
originaly there was just the LC, and no A2e card ...

Anyway, I bought one via eBay, and it'S a nifty pice to play around.


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