Core Memory and Kennedy 9600 9-Track Tape Drive

From: Marvin <>
Date: Tue Sep 21 23:30:43 1999

I went to an auction today with a friend of mine and picked up two Kennedy
9600 rack mount horizontal tape drives. Any interest in these things? They
came from Vandenburg AFB and have no docs, cables, or anything else except
the units. And of course they are untested.

What I was really after and got were two rack mount boxes of DataRam core
memory. There were a total of 8 core memory modules, each 128K x 18. These
will most likely end up on ebay, but if someone NEEDS any of these things,
email me privately. If not, the chassis's will be available (less memory)
for the cost of packaging and shipping if anyone wants them. One of the
chassis does have some type of wire wrapped card that I assume is some sort
of interface logic.
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