IBM System/3 owners

From: Stegeman, Henk HJ SSI-TSEA-331 <>
Date: Wed Sep 22 01:21:25 1999


I had my S/3 up and running till end 1991. Then I moved house and since

then is it stored in my garage.
If you like the write small programs in macro/assembler and like to single
instruction step through it, the S/3 is the best.
In the extreme you can even single cycle the machine.

I have all IBM program listings of the OS, RPG, FORTRAN, COBOL etc etc
on microfiche. I also have the IBM program logic manuals.
I like to hack little bit in the OS.

B.t.w. are interested in a real S/3 mod 15 ?

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On Tue, 21 Sep 1999, Stegeman, Henk HJ SSI-TSEA-331 wrote:

> Hi,
> I am new to this list, but not in collecting old computers.
> I have since 1982 a very complete old IBM System/3 model 10.
> Are there any other IBM System/3 owners on this list ?

I would have been- I was told about various Sys/3x systems at a company,
and they told me I could have had a System/3 model 15D if I wasn't a few
years too late. But nice people that they were, they gave me a System/34,
a System/36 (the big 5360 kind), two 3262 printers, two 8809 tape drives,
a TDX-1050 tape controller/RS232 interface, and a Wang OIS-60 word
processing system. I've fired up the printers and the tape drives and
checked them out and I'm preparing to fire up the computers, S/36 first.

Have you run your S/3? If so what do you do with it? I've always liked
them; I have a picture of a S/3 and a S/34 hanging up at work.

Richard Schauer
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