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From: Mike Ford <mikeford_at_socal.rr.com>
Date: Thu Sep 23 13:12:40 1999

>>- actually e-Bay is starting tom become the bane of a bunch that used to
>>stuff back and forth, rather than put it up for sale]
>I don't need the card punch but I certainly agree with those sentiments...
>I also thought that there would be alot more trading/swapping going on in
>this community... I do however appreciate the information flow and have
>learned and been entertained often.

After you do this sort of thing for a year or so, you tend to collect a LOT
of the same "first round" stuff. It is not very likely for example that
anyone on this list would be willing to trade one of those PC/370 card sets
for a couple Laserwriter IInts. All the components of a potential trade are
hard to assemble;

Somebody who has what you want.

Wants what you have.

And is close enough so that freight doesn't kill the deal.

What is the solution?
MONEY. Yes money, our old friend from centuries ago, that basically enables
trade between two people when a direct exchange of goods isn't practical.
In the example above I sell the two IInt's on eBay for $50 each, and $100
buys me the card set.

The Catch.
We are all basically friends, share a general disdain for profiteering, and
that makes it very difficult to come up with a "fair" price. Easier to give
stuff away than twist over what to charge for many of us. Even easier to
just sit on our booty.

Shipping Snafu.
This is NOT pointing any fingers, honest. Anybody ever get a batch of
"free" old manuals, shipped fedex overnight freight collect? OK, I hope
not, but Mail Boxes Etc often isn't that far from it. Many people don't
realize what a vast range there can be in shipping costs. The solution in
trades is to have each person pay for what they ship as part of the deal up
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