Future equipment may not last as long...

From: Hans Franke <Hans.Franke_at_mch20.sbs.de>
Date: Thu Sep 23 15:46:09 1999

> At 09:06 AM 9/23/1999, you wrote:
> >and draw more insects, (spiders) etc.
> >>--Researchers pursue biodegradable pc boards--
> >>A project to investigate reducing the cost of recycling has produced some
> >>promising results--and a patent application--in the area of biodegradable
> >>printed-circuit boards. The Welding Institute (TWI), based here, and the
> >>British Textile Technology Group (BTTG; Manchester, England) have been
> >>working together for about one year and are now looking for additional
> >>partners to help produce an industrial-scale demonstration of the
> >>technology. TWI has been investigating biodegradable pc boards as a means
> >>of satisfying forthcoming European Union (EU) recycling legislation.
> >>Candidate materials for biodegradable pc boards include proteins such
> >>as casein and plant extensions and carbohydrate-based materials such as
> >>cellulose and chitin.
> Maybe we need some biodegradable researchers.

Well, as long as it's just about PC PCBs, I can't see any
negative effect :)


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