TI Silent 700

From: Wayne Smith <wsmith_at_gj.com>
Date: Thu Sep 23 16:49:30 1999

>>>> Don Maslin <donm_at_cts.com> 09/22 8:51 PM >>>
>I ran across a Texas Instruments Silent 700 Model 745 in a thrift
>store today. This is the middle sized one - about the size of a small
>portable typewriter - and appears complete (except for power cord) and
>clean. It even has part of a roll of the thermal paper in it.
>If anyone wants it for $20 plus shipping, contact me off list and I'll
>check if it is still there. (Good bet, I'd guess.)
> - don
I have one of these units, I think. Mine is called the "745 Portable,"
TI Part No. 0983801-0003 and is about the size of an old Remington
portable typewriter. Looks like an early 1970s model with a standard
phone coupler and a 15-pin connector with an 8/7 pinout. Mine is in
taupe colored plastic with a cover and four plastic connectors similar
to the ones used with Osborne and Kaypro keyboards. The quality of
construction is quite high and the keyboard has a nice feel. There is
a picture of one shown at VCF 1.0 at:


Is it the same unit, Don?


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