IBM 3270 PC

From: Jay Jaeger <>
Date: Thu Sep 23 22:05:21 1999

The part quoted below about the display was incorrect. A true 3270 PC used
a special display adapter as well as
a special keyboard adapter and some special expansion memory (cabled to the
keyboard adapter, if I recall
correctly). However, you can pull all of that out, and you will have a
more or less standard XT. You can leave the
coax card in, if it suits your fancy, and you have a 327x controller around
somewhere... 8-)


At 04:45 AM 9/23/99 -0500, you wrote:
>.The monitor should be a
>regular green or amer mono unless a different video board was used as an
>aftermarket item.

>David Williams wrote:
>> Got an urge to go to a thrift I haven't been to in a while and found
>> what was labeled as a 3270 PC. Brought it home and opened it
>> up. Looking at the boards inside I'd guess it was a 3270 PC as the
>> label said. No keyboard or monitor. I'm guessing it used different
>> ones than the normal PC. It has a hard disk, but have to pull it to
>> see what type first and 2 half height 5.25" floppies. Not sure what
>> software is on the drive. Anyone tell me anything else about this?
>> Such as where to locate a keyboard and monitor, what each of the
>> boards might be, etc. I can go into some detail on the cards if
>> need be. Half appear to be normal drive controllers and serial port,
>> etc. Then there is one with a BNC connector and two others that
>> have a small jumper board between them. Should I even keep it?
>> Hmmmm....
>> Thanks.
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