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From: Lawrence LeMay <lemay_at_cs.umn.edu>
Date: Fri Sep 24 12:26:51 1999

> --- Jay West <jlwest_at_tseinc.com> wrote:
> > Any cloth I've tried around the
> > house doesn't seem to be "lint-free", and leaves many little threads and
> > stuff behind. Has anyone found any common cloths that don't do this? I was
> > wondering about an old undershirt, etc. Ideas?
> Don't use an "around the house" cloth. The right tool for the job are
> laboratory "Kimwipes". They are non-woven, truely lint-free wipes for
> labware. I know of FE's who have cleaned RK packs with a squeeze bottle
> of isopropyl (95%+ IIRC, not 70%) and Kimwipes.
> Besides a chem lab, I don't know where to get them, but they are what you
> want. I wish I had a box.
> -ethan

Kimwipes are now called Precision Wipes. They are manufactured by
Kimberly-Clark, hence the former name of Kim-wipes. At least, I think
these are the same thing.

There are also AccuWipe's from Fort James Corp. These say low-lint on
the box.

We go through many boxes of these at the University where I work. We
provide these along with refillable spray bottles of glass cleaner,
in the undergraduate computer labs. It never ceases to amaze me how many
people simply cannot use a computer without caressing the screen with
their fingertips. I guess they really* love computers...

-Lawrence LeMay
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