Unibus card ID help

From: Aaron Christopher Finney <af-list_at_lafleur.wfi-inc.com>
Date: Fri Sep 24 17:52:31 1999

Thanks for the quick help, I've been digging in the cabinet some more...

> >M2860
> >M4801

The M4801 seems to be a re-labled M7821.

The M2860 has "2 Chann. Address Counter" printed on the top...

A couple of other interesting pieces, maybe someone has something on them.
One is a board with no manufacturer information stamped on it, just the
words "Coax Cable Term/Driver" on it. There are 8 BNC connectors on it;
pretty obvious *what* it is, but does anyone have any ideas on who might
have made it or what some of the specifics might be?

The chassis itself has a plate glued to it that reads, "Computerlabs Disk
Controller, Model No. G 4112-I." The first four cards are:

Status Control 2498B
Disk Control Assy No 2847
Assy No 2515B Data Paths
Assy No 2474B Bus Control

Further back there are 2 pairs of boards, one each of "Driver BD" and
"Terminator BD" whose attached cables result in a bundle of 8, 34-pin
female connectors. In addition to everything else, there is also a H207
(4096x16 core stack)...

Thanks again,

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