Fixing a PET?

From: Gareth Randall <>
Date: Fri Sep 24 18:01:14 1999

Hi guys,

I'm new here, so be gentle! =;-)

I'm hopefully about to acquire a PET 8032 - the first PET I've ever owned
(I was six years old when they first came out). I'm told that it boots into
Basic 4.0, but the boot details are shown in lower case with the odd
incorrect character. Also, when typing, some characters come up on the
screen differently to the ones actually typed.

The vendor suggests it may just need a clean and the I/O chip re-seating -
but if it's something more complicated, is it still possible to buy
replacement chips? And, thinking longer-term, are replacement screens
possible to find these days (e.g. are they a standard size that you can
still buy off-the-shelf)?

Any suggestions gratefully received!

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