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From: Megan <mbg_at_world.std.com>
Date: Fri Sep 24 23:01:28 1999

>> Unless there was an upgrade option for the VT52 I don't know about, the
>> 'VT52' w/printer is actually designated the VT55.
>Not according to my docs (and the unit I have coupled up to my 11/45)
>The VT55 is a VT52 with a 'waveform generator' card. This is an option
>for plotting graphs, roughly compatible with the VT105. Basically, you
>can store 2 'heights' for each vertical dot-column on the screen, and
>either display a point at that height (for plotting mathematical
>functions) or all points below that height (for plotting barcharts). It
>gave a reasonable resolution for this, with very little memory.
>The electrolytic copier (wet paper printer) was an option for either the
>VT52 or the VT55 (and maybe other VT5x terminals). Most VT55s had it
>fitted. Most VT52s didn't. But all combinations were possible.

Thanks, I stand corrected. I guess I have just never seen a VT52 with the
copier, only VT55s. (Guess I had to be there... :-)

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