From: Megan <>
Date: Fri Sep 24 23:09:39 1999

>I loved the VT11/VR17's on 11/34A's. Racal Redac used em for
>cad stations for circuit board design.

When I was at Worcester Polytech, I wrote a program for a class in
comptuer graphics which used the VT11/VR14 (on an 11/40) to design
simple logic circuits. There was a library of simple gates along
one side of the screen and one used the light pen to drag a part
onto the design grid and place it in position. Once all the parts
were on the grid, the inputs and outputs could be connected. And
there was a special input for a clocking signal, and other inputs
were supplied from the front panel switches. The state of the gates
was displayed in table form on screen and one could watch as the
circuit operated.

Pretty simple stuff, compared with *real* cad work... but it was
fun, and get me a good grade (and actually got me graphics work with
other departments at WPI)

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