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> > To my mind the PS/1's all had a 2xxx-xxx designation. I have a 2011
> > which is a 286. The monitor unit contains the PSU. It also had a built-in
> > 2400 modem. The 2021 is virtually identical but IIRC had more memory.
> > I also have a 2123 and a 2133 which were 386's.
> 2133 3x3 case
> 2155 5x5 case (bigger)
> 2168 tower unit

What about 2144's?

> 2011 and 2121 used special monitor with computer's power supply in it.
> 2123 used either a ps2 model 30 or mod 55sx low profile case.
> interesting fact: some midrange 486 ps/1 models were netware certified!

Most of these PS/1s, VPs and Aptivas (especially 386, 486 and
pentiums that used slot tree card and in tower cases with
daughterslot board off the motherboard in H fashion.
 That said, this IBM interestingly used LPX factor form motherboards
down to pinouts of the tree slot on board made by IBM or using
non-ibm boards in their ibm-made cases.

While on this thing, I'm looking for a used or busted PSU and tree
slot board for my aptiva. Both parts are missing. The model is 2144
type G-1 using intel board (Advanced/MN) that worked.
Secondly, I have VP mod 638x series Type 1 motherboard (92F0388)
needs writeback cache module 256K. Failing that, do anyone got a
used either LPX factor form for pentium 60/66 or LPX pentium socket 7
motherboard for sale? I do have the P5 66 cpu.

Would be wonderful for yours to shake down your friend network on
this leads.

Back to this trackstar discussion, thanks for your patience!

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