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Date: Fri Sep 24 23:31:18 1999

>And thus began my entry into computer graphics, using BASIC.
>It was 1979 or so, and my suburban high school had acquired an 11/03.

And my first was in 1975 with a GT40... using MACRO-11 under RT-11
(V2C) and the VTLIB routines.

>student accounts. The experience with BASIC led me to only spend
>six weeks at college washing dishes and making pizzas before I landed
>my first programming job, which miracle of miracles required
>knowledge of MU-BASIC and other BASIC dialects.

And I also got a work-study job as one of the programmer/operators
of the ME and CS department computers. I helped one grad student
with a traditional "four-bar" linkage problem, but displayed on
the screen. I also helped the ME department demonstrate closed-loop
computer control of a 25 Ton press in an "Young's Modulus" experiment.

Fun times...

                                        Megan Gentry
                                        Former RT-11 Developer

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