IBM S/36 help needed

From: Joe <>
Date: Sat Sep 25 13:55:57 1999


   I can't help you but keep me posted about what you find out. I have a
5363 here too. I've never tried to do anything with it. BTW I do have one
backup tape for mine, I can loan you that if it's any help.


At 10:29 AM 9/25/99 -0500, you wrote:
>We just acquired a S/36 5363 III sans maintenance key, maint. diskettes,
>manuals, in short we just got the CPU. Our main concern is opening the
>case! We'd rather not drill out the lock (as some PS/2s have suffered)
>if at all possible.
>Any help and/or maint. materials are much appreciated!
>Please reply to
>Thanks much!
>Michael Grigoni
>Cybertheque Museum
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