IBM PS/2 Model 25

From: Allison J Parent <>
Date: Sat Sep 25 13:18:58 1999

<Just bought an IBM PS/2 Model 25 and Im looking for some info on it. I.e =

cant help on that.

<And I have a few questions. Can I get a bigger HD for it? Currently it =
<has a 20mb HD which I figure is standard. =20

Not in the M25, it was likely added later. Larger is possible but may be
difficult. The common way to add a larger hard disk is a ISA 8-bit adaptor
to get IDE functionality then you can use drives commonly available.

<Is it possible to compress it?

Yes, under dos6.22 but it will be real slow.

<About how far can I upgrade it?

Not far. Your limited to 640k ram, modem, mouse, hard disk.

Keep in mind this is an enhanced XT (8086), windows is barely doable and
limited to versions 3.0 or below. Win9X is out of the question. Cpu
upgrade is nearly impossible.

<And finaly: The screen "Display" is rather small.. But I cant find any =
<knobs or anything to ajust it.. Any Ideas? Or am I just stuck with it..

Stuck, different monitor may be possible of if you are able internal
adjustments are possible.

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