3.5"/5.25" adapter kits?

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Date: Sat Sep 25 13:58:52 1999

OK, it's not *completely* on-topic, but it is a relatively low-tech
item and quite relevant for those dealing with 10-year-old hardware:

I'm looking for some of the adapter kits (with bezels) for putting
3.5" hard drives into 5.25" bays. The local shops have adapters for
3.5" floppies (with, of course, a big rectangle cut in the bezel) but
these don't have a nice plain front bezel, and often the holes in them
are in completely wrong places for hard drives. Some shops have
kits supplied by Western Digital for their hard drives, but often the
mounting holes are in completely wrong positions for Seagate or
Micropolis or other brands of drives.

If anyone has a large number of the adapters/bezels just kicking around
(say 10 or 20) I'd be glad to buy them at a fair price. I'd also be
happy to be pointed towards a source of these new.

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