DEC VT1000/1200

From: Allison J Parent <>
Date: Sat Sep 25 13:58:19 1999

<Just made a trip to the local surplus shop, and they have a whole cart ful
<of DEC VT1000's and VT1200's. Appears to be just a base unit (no monitor,
<etc.)... They wanted $15.00 each.

Vt1200 is a Xterm and works with any DEC monitor (switch selected on back)
and likely many others. Uses DEC round mouse and LKx01 keyboard. There
is both a terminal line (mmj) and eithernet. If you buy make sure there is
ram installed as they are often stripped. It must have at least 2mb. Also
there is a rom card that must be there.

I have one with VR315 mono and I use it as LAT/IPxwin/telnet decwindows
terminal or as DCE. If you play with vaxen this makes a good terminal
either networked or via MMJ serial.

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