From: Fred Cisin <>
Date: Mon Sep 27 18:10:18 1999

> I've never seen a Medeco (or Abloy, or any other really hard-to-pick lock
> on a machine frontpanel).

I've got one. But I don't see any reason to reinstall it on a machine.

> I guess Ace locks are used because they're fairly short from front to
> back (unlike 'yale' type cylinder locks) and will fit easily into most
> frontpanel systems.

Aha! You've just provided the answer! Chosen for physical dimensions,
NOT for its difficulty of picking.

> In the UK, most steering locks are held on by 'sheer head bolts' that
> have to be drilled out.
"Tangential tapping" with a tiny chisel usually works just fine to back
them out.
[I used to own a Honda garage. The local dealers would tow repos, etc. in
to us for patching back together.]

> The point is, it's not worth . . .,
> so the lock that's fitted provides adequate
> security.
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