HI! Im new to the list...

From: Jim <DD950_at_prodigy.net>
Date: Mon Sep 27 18:17:32 1999

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> Hi, im new to the list, I don't know how busy this list is, but if
>it's anything like the Fiero list.. there should be at least 100 emails a

Only 100 or so postings a day huh? Well you will soon get used to the
increased volume of email on this list. :-)

Welcome to the list. I and the other three people here besides myself that
are interested in KayPro welcome you. I threw my 2X-84 away in 1995. Wish
I would have kept it. They are selling on eBay now for $35-40. :-)

I have thought of trying to collect some information on KayPro and make a
dedicated Web page. Problem is I do not have any material or knowledge of
the company and can't find any here in the boonies.

A short time ago I remarked how the Coleco Adam still had venders, User
Groups, and many Web pages while the KayPro has almost disappeared.

Welcome Aboard, oh, it is your turn to buy the next round, :-)


Jim Rossbach, Tonkin Gulf Yacht Club Web Ring, www.TonkinYachts.cjb.net

The astonishing thing was that the newsperson managed to say "Authorities
*suspect* alcohol was involved" with a straight face.
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