Guess what I saw today

From: Mike Ford <>
Date: Mon Sep 27 21:44:36 1999

One of the least predictable of my salvage joint places, wasn't open today
so I ended up driving around the area a bit and grabbing a sandwich. After
lunch, a little more cruising turned up an open shipping door and some
racks of interesting things.

Yuck, nothing but old Data General stuff (I got to watch while another guy
scrapped out two MV/2500 units for drives etc. later on at a second place).
Anyway I take the tour of the shop, and its really not my sort of stuff,
but while the owner and I shoot the stuff I start looking at this
decoration on his wall. He is an old computer drive engineer, and this is
from one of his first jobs.

Its a 39" platter out of a Bryant hard drive. Anybody else have one on
their wall? I get the feeling the right offer might talk him out of it, but
it would be an offer beyond my interest for sure. Next time I stop by I
will try to get some pictures.
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