HI! Im new to the list...

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> Welcome to the list. I and the other three people here besides myself that
> are interested in KayPro welcome you.

Make that four! I bought a Kaypro 10 recently (after seeking advice from
people on this list) and I like it!

> I threw my 2X-84 away in 1995. Wish
> I would have kept it. They are selling on eBay now for $35-40. :-)

Shame, shame!
> I have thought of trying to collect some information on KayPro and make a
> dedicated Web page. Problem is I do not have any material or knowledge of
> the company and can't find any here in the boonies.

Don't feel bad -- I'm in the giant megalopolis of Orlando Florida and there's
no abundance of information here, either.
> A short time ago I remarked how the Coleco Adam still had venders, User
> Groups, and many Web pages while the KayPro has almost disappeared.

Likewise with the Sinclair and Timex/Sinclair machines I collect -- there are
many active user groups around the world who share software, as well as
hardware groups who have made available devices such as disk drive
interfaces, data transfer to/from IBM-type pcs, etc. But nothing for the

Perhaps this is because the Kaypro computers weren't "hobbyist" computers --
they were designed and marketed as "business" machines. As far as I can tell
there was very little third-party hardware sold for the Kaypro, and they were
not exactly designed to be modified (people on the list, please correct me if
I'm wrong ;>)

Glen Goodwin
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