floppy controller IC (was Re: Fixing a PET?)

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Date: Mon Sep 27 22:39:53 1999

Richard Erlacher wrote:

> The 1770 and 1772, which were 28-pin IC's intended for use only with 5-1/4"
> drives, the primary difference between them being the step rates they
> support, were not widely used.

Tony Duell added:

> Dunno if it's any help, but a 1772 is an almost-identical IC, just with
> faster (much faster!) step rates. If you're using it with modern floppy
> drives then you might well be able to drop a 1772 in place of the 1770.

Thank, guys! This information is a big help.

The 1700 is the heart of a disk controller I use with my Timex Sinclair 2068.
 The system is still available from the manufacturer, but in the event of
failure it is of course cheaper to replace the IC than the entire controller.

Tony: Please define "modern floppy drives." Thanks ;>)

Glen Goodwin
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